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Hey, I’m Dani.

 I have been blogging since 2011 under various different site names and for a brief stint at Beaut.ie. I’m back with a blog about negotiating life as a first time mother as well as continuing to spout on about my passion for makeup.

My love for makeup began when I did a course in Make Up For Ever way back in 2010. I just wanted to learn how to do my own makeup but instantly fell in love with everything about it! I followed it up with an ITEC course in Facial Makeup in Portobello Institute and then spent a week in London at the Pixiwoo course run by sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman. I worked freelance for a while and then spent some time working at Inglot, Urban Decay and MAC.

I also write fiction in what’s left of my spare time and harbour dreams of being published one day.

If that isn’t enough drivel about me, why not stalk me on social media?

Email: therebellipstick@hotmail.com

One thought on “About

  1. I came upon your blog because of the title. I don’t have kids and don’t really follow beauty blogs. That being said, I wish you all the luck with this….and as for outgrowing your emo phase….does anyone ever really outgrow that?


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