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Belle Jorden x Obsession Collection – Review, Swatches, Looks

Belle Jorden x Obsession Collection

I have been following Belle Jorden on Instagram for several years now. I have no idea how I came across her page but I instantly fell for her grungy, glittery looks. Then I found out she was engaged to a tattoo artist (as I was) and I suddenly felt like we had a lot more in common than just our style. It’s funny how you can get quite attached to people on the internet. I’ve followed her through her engagement, her beginning on YouTube, her wedding, and more recently her move to Canada. So when I found out she was collaborating with Obsession on a makeup collection, I knew right away it would be right up my street.

The collection consists of the eyeshadow palette and what is labelled a “lipgloss set” but more on that later. I knew Belle and I had similar taste in eyeshadow shades, favouring reds, oranges and other warms tones, so I wasn’t surprised when I saw a photo of the eyeshadows online and instantly fell in love. Despite me saving because I am on unpaid extended maternity leave at the minute, I thought I wouldn’t feel bad about splashing out on such an affordable palette. When I realised I had enough Boots points to get it for free, it was a no brainer! Which is how I ended up buying the lip set too despite not usually being a lip gloss fan… It was free, so why not?

I’ll tell you why not. This palette and I were not meant to be. On the day of its release, I visited Boots in Dundrum to pick it up. I had checked the website beforehand and it said that Dundrum had it in stock. Unfortunately it wasn’t on the stand so I asked a member of staff who checked the drawer under the stand, as well as the stock room but to no avail. She claimed sometimes the website was wrong when it said an item was in stock. It was the day of its release so I let it go. Perhaps I was too eager.
A few days later, my sister was going to Dundrum so I asked her to check for me. The website still claimed that they had it. No luck. It wasn’t there.
I attempted to order it from the website, despite it costing me €5 extra for shipping, but every time I entered my Boots Advantage Card number, it told me it was wrong.
My fourth attempt saw me downloading the Boots app and ordering it again. This time it finally worked. Imagine my dismay when the palette arrived dented with one of the shadows smashed…
I was so angry the following day I stormed straight down to Boots in Dundrum yet again. The website STILL claimed that they had it in stock. I explained the situation to yet another member of staff who checked the back for me and re-emerged with a brand new, unbroken palette. She claimed that whoever was in charge of the makeup stands was on holiday and that there were boxes of the palettes in the stockroom. I would have screamed had I not been so happy to finally have the elusive palette in my hands.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Palette

In case you didn’t know, and I didn’t, Obsession is a branch of Revolution Beauty, a London-based, super affordable brand. For a budget brand, I was really impressed with the packaging of the palette. It came in a cardboard sleeve (featured in the top photo) identical to the palette itself. Belle, herself, claims that she made all of the decisions on the aesthetic. She chose the pinky-grey shade of the exterior and a friend of hers designed the gold logo. I have read some people bashing her online saying she copied Kat Von D’s brand (because Kat Von D owns tattoo lettering, don’tchaknow?!) I think the design is very true to Belle’s aesthetic. My one critique would be that the gold is hard to read against the grey but that is just my opinion.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Palette Inside

The interior is a soft pink colour which again feels very Belle and really allows the shadows to pop against it. The palette holds sixteen shadows and a full size mirror. Its size is perfectly compact and ideal for travelling with. The mirror is really decent too and I’ve found myself using it a lot.
According to Obsession, there are seven matte shades, six shimmer shades and two matte shades infused with golden glitter flecks. For those who are math-savvy, that only adds up to 15 shadows but Belle mentions in her video that there is one pressed pigment as well.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows

The second I saw the colours, I knew this palette was going to be a favourite of mine. All of those warm shades give me heart palpitations. Something I didn’t spot but Belle pointed out in her YouTube video is that the colours are set out in a specific order. If you are stuck for inspiration, the shadows can be used in quads (e.g. Starlight, Glow Baby, Sagittarius and Sassy) or in rows (e.g. Starlight, Glow Baby, Pops and Bear).

As usual I am going to break down the shades to talk about each in depth. As I keep mentioning in my posts, I hate eyeshadow swatches because I feel that they are no real reflection on how a shadow will perform on the eye. However, I include them so people get a better idea of the shades themselves. I swatch on the left with one swipe of a brush and on the right with one swipe of my finger. I do not use a base or primer. I usually list the brand’s description of each shade and then how I would describe the colour myself but I couldn’t find a description of each of the colours by Obsession so these are my own interpretations of the shades.

Belle made a YouTube video talking about the palette and explained how each of the shadow names has personal significance to her so I thought I’d include them here.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows Starlight

Starlight is a sheer matte white.
It was named for Belle’s grandfather who passed away earlier this year.

Starlight Swatch

I was quite surprised by how sheer this was when I first applied it. I thought it might be a bold white highlight for the inner corner etc. but after using it, I realised it was matte and more transparent than I expected. I actually really liked it though as it made a soft subtle highlighter under the brow.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows Glow Baby

Glow Baby is a pink-champagne shimmer.
Belle named this one after a phrase she likes to use when applying highlighter. “I’m a little glow baby!”

Glow Baby Swatch

This is a really high shine shadow and the colour is perfect for so many different things: a blinding inner corner highlight, an extreme under brow sheen, a stunning lid colour for a soft glam look… This is so beautiful that I can’t wait to play around with it some more.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows Pops

Pops is a warm terracotta brown shot through with gold flecks.
It is named for Belle’s father.

Pops Swatch

I love a warm brown so I instantly knew this would be one of my most-used shades in the palette. I am forever slapping a warm brown in my crease and when you buff it on with a blending brush, the gold flecks aren’t very apparent so this is ideal. It is definitely one of my favourites.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows Bear

Bear is a warm golden-brown shimmer.
It is named for her sister who she nicknames Sadie Bear, and her nephew who they call Little Bear.

Bear Swatch

These type of shimmer shadows always look absolutely stunning and I always fall in love with the swatches but realistically I never find myself reaching for them. This is so beautiful that I really need to push myself out of my comfort zone and use it some more!

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a gorgeous matte orange.
It is obviously named for Belle’s star sign (and mine, holler!)

Sagittarius Swatch

I love a matte orange shadow, the brighter the better, and the pigmentation of this one is amazing. I probably have a tonne of dupes in my collection but it is a great addition to the palette as it can warm up any of the browns or work with any of the reds.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows Sassy

Sassy is a warm red-brown shimmer.
It is named because Belle claims to constantly use the word to describe everything.

Sassy Swatch

For me, this is in the same category as Bear; a gorgeous metallic shadow with great payoff that I probably won’t reach for too often.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce is a true matte burgundy.
It is named for her brother who shares her love of the condiment.

Hot Sauce Swatch

Again, I probably have a lot of similar shadows to this in my collection but burgundies are some of my favourite eyeshadows to wear so I will get a lot of use out of this! It was one of the first shades in the palette that I was dying to put on my eyes.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows Queen

Queen is a dark plum-burgundy shot through with gold flecks.
It is named for her grandmother.

Queen Swatch

This is an absolutely stunning shade that is totally up my alley. It is perfect for pairing with Hot Sauce or equally as beautiful packed on the lid. These colours are my dream.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows 1706

1706 is a pale matte pink-nude.
The 17th of June is Belle’s wedding anniversary.

1706 Swatch

When I first searched the palette for a transition shade for the crease, I overlooked this one. I usually look for a taupe but when I didn’t find one, I noticed this one would work well. It is gorgeous on the eye and really surprised me as it didn’t look like much in the pan. I also love that this is a more unusual colour too.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows Mama's Girl

Mama’s Girl is a pinky mauve shimmer.
It is named for Belle’s closeness to her mother.

Mama's Girl Swatch

Funnily enough, when I saw this, I instantly thought it was the type of shadow my own mother would like. Despite it being a beautiful shadow, I lump this into the same category as Bear and Sassy. These medium shimmers are just not something I reach for, despite them being lovely.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows Magic

Magic is a pinky-cranberry shimmer.
It is named for Belle’s love of Disney and Harry Potter.

Magic Swatch

The pigmentation of this is so lush and while I just went on one about how I rarely reach for shimmers, this is an exception because look at that colour!

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows So Cute

So Cute is a bright pink-red matte.
It is another that is named after a phrase that Belle is constantly spouting.

So Cute Swatch

I’m sure you know the drill by now. I adore this colour. The pigmentation is amazing. The shade is beautiful. The dream.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows Miami

Miami is a bright lilac shimmer.
It is named after one of Belle’s favourite places to visit.

Miami Swatch

Despite lilacs and lavenders giving me serious 80s vibes, this really caught my eye when I first opened the palette. It just really stands out against all over the other shadows. Because it is quite different, I have found it a little difficult to incorporate into looks but it doesn’t take away from its beauty.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows 13

13 is a deep aubergine purple matte.
It is named after one of Belle and her husband’s favourite numbers.

13 Swatch

The depth of this shadow really drew me in when I first saw it but this was the only colour in the whole palette that I found quite disappointing to work with. It just didn’t build up to an intense enough density for me. No matter how much I pack on, it just isn’t dark enough and I always feel like I need to go in with a black on top of it.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows A.F

A.F. is a shimmering gold pressed pigment.
It is named for Belle’s husband (those are his initials).

A.F. Swatch

This colour is INSANE. As it is a pressed pigment, I find it is definitely better packed on with a finger but oh my God, is it beautiful?! I couldn’t count the amount of gold shimmery eyeshadows I have but this is an absolute standout.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Eyeshadows Lola

Lola is a matte black.
It is named after Belle’s pet rabbit who passed away a few months ago.

Lola Swatch

I definitely thought that the addition of a black was a bold move. Blacks are notoriously hard to get right and everybody has their personal favourites. So many times I have dipped into the black in a palette, been frustrated by its lack of intensity and then reached for a black from another palette so I was anxious to try this one.
The formula of this is different to the other mattes in the palette. It is softer and kicks up a little bit of dust in the pan which the others don’t. I found it had a tendency to create fall out too because of its softer consistency. However, it is a great black! So dark. So intense. I was very impressed.
My one critique would be that it does blend away if you buff over it too much so I would try to softly smudge the edges instead, or else layer and blend, layer and blend.

Overall, I was really impressed with the eyeshadow palette. I don’t think I had ever tried an eyeshadow by Revolution Beauty before and while I liked some of their products in the past, few completely blew me away so I had no idea what to expect with this. While the colours were definitely made for me, at such a low price-point, I worried that the formula would be lacklustre. I needn’t have worried. The mattes are super pigmented while still blending easily, the shimmers are stunning and the pressed pigment blew me away. I cannot get over the quality of this palette for the price and urge you to pick it up if you get the chance.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Lip Set

The Lipgloss Set was a complete random purchase for me. I don’t ever wear lip gloss so honestly, what was I thinking? I guess I just wanted to support Belle and I could get it with my Boots points so I did. The box claims it “Contains 3 full size lipglosses”… Imagine my surprise when two turned out to be liquid lipsticks!

Belle Jorden x Obsession Lip Glosses

The set is made up of nudes which is a good choice as I think they appeal to more people and are more wearable, particularly if you’re going to pair them with all of the warm reds in the palette.

Lip Set Swatches
Ever After and Wishes are the two that dry down to liquid lipsticks and Ditzy is the true lip gloss.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Lipstick Ever AfterEver After is a true pale nude which pulls a little peach on me. It is named after the firework show that was running at Disney the last time Belle was there.
This is just that little bit too pale for me. While I don’t hate it, particularly with the dramatic eye I paired it with in the photo below, I know it isn’t one I will ever reach for.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Lipstick Wishes

Wishes is a pale pink nude. It is named for the firework show running at Disney when Belle got engaged.
Again this is a little bit paler than what I usually reach for but I do think the pink tone makes it more wearable and less corpse-like.

The problem with both liquid lipsticks is that I don’t like the formula. They take quite a while to dry down and even when they look matte, they are never fully dry. I found my lips stayed tacky for the entire duration of wear and if I rubbed my lips together in that time, the lipstick cracked and accentuated every line on my lips.
I am usually a fan of liquid lipsticks and have experience with lots of different types but this formula is so unappealing to me that I can’t see myself wearing either of these again.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Lip Gloss Ditzy

Ditzy is a pale peach-y nude gloss. It is named as such because Belle considers herself a little ditzy.
As I’ve stated a few times, I’m not normally into glosses but I love this one. It is pigmented, cushion-y and comfortable. The colour is too pale for me but with a darker liner like MAC’s Spice, it is stunning.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Lip Gloss Set

If someone had told me I would have bought a set with two liquid lipsticks and a gloss, but only liked the gloss, I would have found that hard to believe but that’s the truth.

I don’t think I can recommend this lip set at all because I don’t know a person who would enjoy the formula of the liquid lipsticks! I would stick to just picking up the palette.

And here are some looks I created using the palette and the lip set. I did full tutorials over on my Instagram Stories that I saved in my highlights if you want to know exactly what I used and how.

Belle Jorden x Obsession Look 1
Look 1

Belle Jorden x Obsession Look 2Look 2

Belle Jorden x Obsession Look 3Look 3

Let me know if you have tried out the palette for yourself or if it tickles your fancy. Would you chance the lip set?

The Belle Jorden x Obsession Palette retails for £10/€13 and the Lip Gloss Set for £6/€8 from Boots or €10.99/$15 and €6.99/$9 from the Revolution Beauty website with €3.95 shipping  to Europe and $8.95 shipping to the US.

Nothing to declare. I bought the palette and lip set myself. No affiliate links were used.
Obsession and Revolution Beauty are cruelty-free. The palette and lip set are vegan.

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