All Black Everything – Boohoo Haul and Look Book

I have always had a funny relationship with clothes. As a young teen, I wore whatever I deemed cool. Usually jeans of some description and a slogan tee. ‘Boys are smelly. Throw rocks at them’. Anyone remember those? Then I got into rock music and I explored gothic, punk, rocker and grunge styles for years. While other people may look back on their goth days and cringe, I loved putting together those outfits. I remember seeing pictures online on VampireFreaks and MySpace and feeling so inspired. I remember dragging my mam to the men’s section of Penneys because I wanted an oversized black dress shirt. Through sixteen and seventeen, I was heavily influenced by emo music. I got the fringe. I branched into colour. I had leopard print everything.

And then at eighteen, I started working in fashion retail and bizarrely, I feel like that is when I lost my love of clothes. Not merely because I was surrounded by it daily but because having a full time job made me lazy. I loved to dress up for occasions but day-to-day, I opted for jeans and a top because it was the easy option. While my rock/emo influences were still strong in some aspects – an almost totally black and grey wardrobe, Doc Martens or Converse with every outfit, I will be the first to admit, my style got lost. My clothes were incredibly boring.

Fast forward to this time last year and finding out I was pregnant. I have always carried weight around my middle and so a few weeks after I found out, I could already see my stomach swelling. What followed was eight months of leggings and loose tops and then once Indie was born, I lived in pyjamas or those same leggings as I waited for my body to resemble my own once more.

While I am not back at my pre-pregnancy weight (and I’m putting no pressure on myself to get there!) I am happy with the progress I have made and out of the blue, I have become full-on obsessed with clothes. It is as if being forced to wear boring clothes for the last year has really pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and into some exciting outfits. For the first time in over ten years, I am interested in fashion once more and so I have been doing quite a bit of shopping – both in store and online.

Today, for the first time ever since I started my first blog in 2011, I wanted to share a clothing haul and look book with you. My rock/emo influences are still going strong so everything I ordered from Boohoo is black (almost) and I wanted to show you how I would style these items. I ordered all of this on the 14th of August and it took six days to get to me which seems like forever when you are waiting on a delivery!

Wide Neck Bodysuit 1

The first thing I ordered was the Wide Rib Square Neck Short Sleeve Bodysuit (€14). I find this neckline really flattering with my large chest and that is what sold it to me. I got a size 10 and despite being 5 foot and half an inch tall, it isn’t too long and doesn’t bunch up. I love bodysuits as you don’t have to worry about their length in relation to whatever you wear on the bottom half and they look so flattering tucked into almost everything.

Wide Neck Bodysuit 2

I decided to team it with this long black lace skirt that I got a few years ago from Forever 21. I get so many compliments on this skirt and hate that it is old stock but I did find similar on Boohoo that is currently on sale. You can see it here. The black underskirt is attached to the lace skirt, just in case you think it is something to do with the bodysuit.

Wide Neck Bodysuit 3

I love toughening up more feminine pieces so I decided to wear this outfit with my trusty 8-hole Dr Martens, but you could also dress it up with heels or heeled boots if that was more your style.

Wide Neck Bodysuit 4

I then decided to accessorise with jewellery. These earrings work through tunnels or under plugs if you have stretched ears like me, or through normal ear piercings too. They are from Wildcat Ink (They have a shop in St Stephen’s Green S.C. or on Jervis St.) but I can’t find a link to them online. I like the contrast of a low necked top with a high choker and this simple black velvet one was from Penneys last year. You can find similar here.

Lace Top 2

Next I bought this Premium Lace Crop Top (€27). I love that this is high up on the chest at the front but has a plunging back although it is a little more cropped than I would usually go for. It has some black backing in a bra shape so you don’t have to worry about what to wear underneath it as everything is covered.

Lace Top 1

I adore the plunging back with the scalloped edges. All the better for showcasing my half-finished back tattoo and reminding me that I need to get that finished. It would look stunning with a tan or on someone with some back muscle definition too!

Lace Top 3
I paired this with a simple pleather skirt I picked up recently in Penneys (similar here), plain black tights and some heeled boots, also old stock from Penneys (sorry! Similar here). I think this is perfect for dressing up for a night out or pairing with jeans for a more sophisticated casual look. Again I ordered a 10 and while it does fit, it is tight and I need help zipping it up!

Lace Top 4

I let the details on this top do the talking. Look how gorgeous the cuffs are! So I just added a pair of simple rose gold hoops.

Lettice Hem Crop 3

I then opted for the Petite Ribbed Lettice Hem Ringer T-shirt (€11) because I  think lettice hems are flattering and while it is pretty plain, the fact that it is cropped and has that hem, I feel like it is still interesting. Bizarrely, the picture on the website shows this in all black but – as the name suggests – this has a white “ringer” neck detail. I love a ringer tee so I wasn’t mad and I think it adds a 70s or 90s flare.

Lettice Hem Crop 2

Again this was more cropped than I anticipated but with something very high-waisted, I feel I can get away with it. Again, this is a size 10 and it fits nicely but there is quite a bit of stretch to it too so I wouldn’t worry too much about the size you order.

Lettice Hem Crop 1

The top has a sporty feel so I paired it with some Vans (knock-offs from Penneys) and some high-waisted black skinny jeans. I searched high and low for black skinnies with rips last year and ended up finding these in a boutique in Budapest but they have similar on Boohoo here.

Lettice Hem Crop 4

I wanted to add something a little more interesting so opted for a pair of fishnets under my jeans to fill in the rips and a Western-style belt. Mine is old stock from River Island but the one here is very similar.

Shiny Leggings 4

My next pick were the Leather Look High Waist Skinny Leggings (€19). I have owned countless pairs of wet-look leggings over the past ten or so years. While leggings are some of the comfiest and easiest-to-wear items that you can own, the leather-look makes them that little bit more sophisticated. Because I don’t have – or never have had – a flat stomach, I cannot get away with wearing these with a short top. I also have that forever fear of the dreaded camel-toe so I prefer to team leggings with a longer top. However, because of the high waist on these, they do give you more of a streamlined figure and are really flattering.

Shiny Leggings 1

I teamed these with an old Nikki Lipstick t-shirt but these would work equally as well with any band tee for the laziest outfit that doesn’t look so lazy!

Shiny Leggings 3

These are a wardrobe staple for me. I ordered these in a size 10 and think they fit perfectly although an 8 may have worked too. I added these Killstar Pentagram earrings because they make me feel like a badass.

Shiny Leggings 2

On the daily, I would team this outfit with Vans but it is also easy to dress it up, like I did, with these Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Litas (Which I guess are discontinued as I can’t find a link to them anywhere).

Leather Trousers 3

Similarly, I ordered the Premium Lace Up Side Leather Look Trousers (currently €10 with 76% off!). To be honest, I thought that these were leggings too but they are more of a light, faux leather trouser that zip up the back. Again I ordered a size 10 but I actually think these are a little big for me. While I carry weight on my stomach, I have no hips and no bum so I can usually get away with a smaller size on the bottom. I am too lazy to send these back for a smaller size and they’re not so big that I can’t get away with them. I just definitely need to wear a longer top to cover up the slight bagginess at the top.

Leather Trousers 2

These are obviously interchangeable with the wet-look leggings from the previous outfit but I decided to add a sheer black tank top and some silver jewellery this time around.

Leather Trousers 1

I love the lace-up sides on these as they just add something a little different and they give me serious Motley Crue vibes. The bracelet is very old and from a now defunct website but any statement bracelet would do the trick.

Leather Trousers 4

I then put on these simple black velvet chunky heels to dress up the outfit a little more. Again mine are old from Penneys (I didn’t realise how much of my stuff is!) but you can find similar here.

Camo Shirt 1

Finally I bought the Khaki Camo Print Slim Fit Denim Shirt (€34). I have been wanting an oversized camoflage shirt for as long as I can remember and with camo being so on-trend at the minute, they had a variety of different styles on the website. This is a heavier fabric than I was expecting which makes it perfect for this summer to autumn transition (presuming this muggy heat dissipates some time soon!).

Camo Shirt 4.jpg

I actually ordered this in a size 12 because the model on the website was wearing a 10 and I wanted to make sure it was oversized enough. (Sometimes I forget I’m 5ft tall). Again I mixed styles for this. I wore it over this plain black tank dress (I got mine from H&M recently for €6 but they have similar on Boohoo here). I think the dress and fishnets add a sexiness that is then dressed down with the Dr Martens and shirt.

Camo Shirt 3

I know I said this was an all-black post but this is camouflage so technically you can’t see it.

Camo Shirt 2

I added some oversized bamboo hoops and a beanie to give this outfit a little more of an edge.

So that is it; everything I bought from Boohoo alongside some styling ideas. As I mentioned this was my first ever fashion post so bear with me. Let me know in the comments what your favourite item was or how you would style them! What would you like to see from posts like this in the future?

Nothing to declare. I bought everything with my own money. No affiliate links were used. I linked to Boohoo as much as possible just to make it easier for you.

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