Back on my Bullshit

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I have a bad habit of starting a blog, doing my best, getting frustrated, deleting it, getting inspired, starting fresh. It was February of last year when I shut down The Rebel Lipstick. I said it took up too much of my time and I was bored with all “bloggers” (read: actual bloggers as well as influencers) being tarred with the same brush. ‘Blogger’ became a dirty word and I myself did not want to be confused with the same people who had Photoshopped themselves to unrecognisable proportions and were trying to sell you hair vitamins and detox teas with discount codes.

While stopping the blog felt like a relief (I suffer terrible guilt if I don’t give 1000% to everything I do and I was feeling stretched very thin), I missed harping on about makeup. I like to have a little piece of internet where I can speak my mind and give my honest opinions on products and how they worked for me.
Sadly, over a year on and nothing in the influencer community seems to have changed. I found myself poring over yet another Instagram account calling out dishonesty (and fair fucks to them!) – someone has Facetuned their child, someone has Photoshopped themselves three sizes smaller than they actually are, someone has failed to mention that their brand new car was a gift from a brand, someone has run multiple competitions where the winners ended up being close friends of theirs. It’s exhausting. What is more exhausting is their legion of fans still worshipping their every move and defending them to the ground. While rolling my eyes at these influencers’ faux pas, I felt frustrated. The influencer scene is rife with this kind of nonsense and it seems so many are guilty of it. I thought about my blogging days and I realised something – I have a lot to give. Why get annoyed about what other people are doing? Why not do what I wish so many other people were doing? Trying those products, giving those honest reviews, loving products because they work, not because they’re getting paid to say so. All of my previous blogs have been just that so why not bring the good old-fashioned, actual beauty blogging back?! (Not to be confused with ‘influencing’ – those words are not usually interchangeable).

So here I am, back on my bullshit, so to speak. Restarting the blog for the umpteenth time although this time with a little more to say. I’m currently thirty six weeks pregnant and I want to talk about it so expect some pregnancy and probably baby posts thrown in alongside my usual ramblings about makeup. I was going to write ‘my first love, makeup’ but that will probably get me in trouble once the baby comes along. If you’ve ever followed me before, you know what to expect – I don’t beat around the bush. I have been a qualified makeup artist for eight years now, I’ve worked for several cosmetic brands and I know what I like and tell it like it is. I’m not licking up to any brands for the sake of a free foundation. Having loyal readers who trust my opinion is everything to me and the reason I do this. It is what started beauty blogging in the first place – people wanted to read what ordinary people thought of products! So here it is; The Rebel Lipstick 2.0. (now with the added Rogue Soother as a nod to my impending motherhood) I’m back, bitches.


4 thoughts on “Back on my Bullshit

  1. Yesssss so happy you started your blog again, I used to love your posts and watching your videos. Completely agree about the “influencers” these days, especially certain ones actually making money off of people for selling something you could get on Ali Express for a fraction of the price for ridiculous prices just because they slapped their name on it. You’d almost want to sue them 😂 And dont get me started on the ones who deleted comments if you say something they don’t like!

    Also congrats on the baba!

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